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italia italcerchio
FROM 1932

Our history

ITALCERCHIO was founded in Milan in the historical period between the first and second world wars. In those years the ingenuity and skills of the Italians were transformed from simple ideas into productive realities.

italcerchio azienda cerchi moto

Our first rim was born in 1932.

Our achievements


In the 1950s, ITALCERCHIO made its way into road and off-road competitions with the achievement of first place in the Italian motocross championship in 1967 (the winning rider sent us a thank-you telegram that is still preserved).


It was no longer a question of supplying Italian motorcycle manufacturers: our rims also found consensus on the world market and it was necessary to increase the production capacity; in 1969 the new plant in Brivio (LC) was inaugurated. Still today it is the headquarters of ITALCERCHIO.

Over the years the company has undergone several changes of ownership but the ITALCERCHIO brand has managed to embrace all the experiences derived also from company mergers. The workers have acquired important knowledge to produce the best rims in chromed steel and aluminum alloy.


Continuous improvements

Today the world of the internet has shortened the distance, with a simple “click” you can purchase from the other side of the world, but the historical spirit of ITALCERCHIO wants to maintain the synergy with its customers just “as it once was” without hiding itself behind the “seen and liked”.

cerchi acciaio cromato moto epoca

Our products are exported to Europe, America and North Africa.